St. Matthew Christmas Eve Service 2020 Announced

12/18/20. We will celebrate Christmas Eve on Facebook Live on Thursday, December 24th at 7:00 p.m.

You can tune into this time-honored event by visiting Pastor Jim’s Facebook Page or by visiting the link for the service on our website.  Scripture lessons and the service bulletin are posted live now and the song list will be published soon.

It will be in a form of Lessons and Carols.  There will be candlelight moment at the end of the service as we sing Silent Night, so you may wish to have a candle or small flashlight at the ready.  Perhaps, if you are able to join online to participate, you may lower the lights in the room from which you are watching.

In the midst of the service we all will be invited to participate in a Love Feast.  The Love Feast, Or Agape Meal, is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with disciples during his ministry and expressing the community – sharing – fellowship enjoyed by the family of Christ.  The Love Feast fell in the shadows for many years but the Moravians revived it in 1727.  While in Georgia, a young John Wesley experienced a Love Feast among the Moravians.  It quickly became part of the Evangelical Revival and a regular part of Methodist society meetings in Great Britain and the English-speaking world.  The Love Feast was an important part of early Methodism in America.

To participate, you will need to have a piece of bread of any kind or a cracker and a glass of water.  While we are unable to celebrate Holy Communion together, the Love Feast offers us a means to share virtually together. 

For those who do not have access to the internet or Facebook, the service will be pre-recorded and will be available to listen to at 7:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve until Sunday, December 27th on Sermon-by-Phone.  Just dial 304-269-3437 and you will have access over the phone to the entire service.  It is a local number, so it should be a toll free call. 

Also, if those who do not have internet access but have a DVD player at home, we will gladly prepare a DVD for you for the Christmas Eve service and any service going forward.