Online Worship Services Archive Update

01/24/21. This is an update regarding how and where our Online Worship Services are published on our website. For those of you who watch our Online Worship Services from our website, please note that we have edited some wordage on the menu link.

Previously, the link to find the archives was located under the “Worship” link and was called “Sermons.” However, we recently changed the word “Sermons” to “Watch Worship Services,” as this name is much more appropriate. It is still located under the “Worship” link at the top so it is easy to locate, just like before. See example below.

You can watch our archived Online Worship Services with the “Watch Worship Services” link.

These are normally posted live, a few minutes before 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings, when the actual service begins so that those who wish to participate can enjoy these in real time.

Additionally, the Online Worship Services are conveniently available directly from our homepage. The latest service is always visible and viewable in large format. See example below.

The latest Worship Service is also available and viewable directly from our homepage of our website at

Today, however, we ran into a technical glitch and was not able to post the the live service directly on the homepage until after the fact. We were able to correct the issue and it is available now.

The service today was posted, however, successfully in real time on the “Watch Worship Services” link. So, if this “glitch” ever happens again, we always recommend always checking both locations of where the service is published (the Homepage and in the Watch Worship Services archive), because more than likely, we will have it published in at least one area in live format.

Also, for your convenience, there are additional links for previous services available directly from the homepage. See example below.

Additional recent Worship Services are also conveniently available on our homepage.

If anyone ever has any questions or needs help with our website, please feel free to contact our office for assistance. If your question cannot be addressed or answered immediately, rest assured, it will be researched and we will get back to you with a thorough explanation.

Thank you for your continued support, help and suggestions in helping us keep everyone connected at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Weston. “The church with a heart, in the heart of town,” continues to shine on brightly in this community!