Electronic Sign Update – Spreading Christ’s Love Just Got Easier

05/07/21. We are happy to announce that the outdoor electronic sign at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Weston is fully operational and is now capable of being updated within a matter minutes, in real time.

Electronic Sign at St. Matthew UMC in Weston, WV

Today, members of St. Matthew volunteered to help provide technical support, installation setup and create a how-to instruction guide so that others that are interested can help maintain this awesome marketing tool.

The problem we were facing previously was that the hardware was still setup on the old computer, which was very slow and created other issues.

Now, all of the hardware and software has been successfully setup on the new computer and updates to the sign messages can be performed in less than five minutes!

Administrative Assistant Rachel Smith has been fully trained on how to update the electronic sign. She will be able to make updates to the messages on the sign per anyone’s suggestions.

If anyone is interested in pitching in to help maintain this responsibility, you are welcome as this can be a team effort. If you are interested in helping and learning something new (that’s easy), please contact our church office and we will get you started.

Additionally, an instruction sheet is available that outlines every single step in making the updates. And for anyone wondering, yes, we were able to salvage all of the previous messages that Charles Jefferies created and managed for us for so many years. We are very thankful for his contributions to this project over the years and they will continue to be a helpful source of invaluable messages. Thank you, Charles!

Spreading the word and love of Christ has just gotten a little bit easier. Just think, free community dinner menus announced, all holidays, special events, important religious dates and so much more is waiting to be broadcast from one of the busiest intersections in downtown Weston. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful location, now let’s go make some noise!