Church Service Update – Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

05/14/21. Here at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Weston, WV, the “Open hearts, open minds, open doors” slogan continues to be our Christian theme for making a difference in the world around us. Throughout a hectic, stressful and unprecedented year, the way of life we were all accustomed to has been quite challenging for “The Church with a Heart, in the Heart of Town.” And everyone else.

However, God continues to shine His light upon us, giving us the tools to move forward to help spread His word and His love. And, now, with the pandemic hanging in the balance, and, as more and more people are getting vaccinated, restrictions, guidelines and recommendations are beginning to ease up. This is great news and a real sign that things are now somewhat beginning to get back to normal.

What does this mean for St. Matthew UMC in Weston? Effective today, you no longer need to make a reservation to attend a church service with us. No need to call us prior, just show up. Also, there is no capacity limit, as those guidelines have now been lifted. However, in order to follow current safety guidelines, we must continue to wear masks and social distance as much as we possibly can within the space we have to work with, at least until further notice.

So, just show up on Sundays! We have two, convenient church services available, and, the online service will continue to be broadcast live via a streaming service on Facebook and here on our website. Bring your smile, your faith, your hope and your love to St. Matthew, despite which way you decide to worship with us. But, also, continue to bring your prayers, broken dreams, needs and anything else that needs lifted up. Open doors, indeed. Remember, though, that we never went away, we have always continued to worship together, with the technology we were blessed to be enlightened with, be it in separated spaces in our homes, but now, we do have the opportunity to return to some sort of normalcy and bring the joy and love of Jesus Christ to a whole new level. There is momentum growing in our faith and as we continue to rejoin again together in unison in person, and continue to stream services to the world around us, we are sure that you will begin to feel that shining light in your life–that never went away, but is now beginning to come full circle.

The light is shining very bright, perhaps brighter than it ever did before. And with leadership from our Relaunch Team, and our beloved Pastor Jim Martin, things will continue to move forward in a way we have never seen before.

Great things lie ahead. And, as you know, we can all make a difference. It can be the little things or the big things, it doesn’t matter, because it all matters, and it all helps. We are all connected in Christ’s love, hope and faith. While we can now breath a little more easily with this awesome news, we must not forget those that have lost so much. We ask that you please continue to pray for those in need and shine your light on those in need in any way you can.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of those that continue to make Sunday Worship Services at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Weston such an enlightening and successful journey for us all. We are very much appreciative of all of those that contribute their time and resources to making worship available to the church. We are also very grateful for everyone’s understanding and patience as we continue to maneuver through this challenging period in our lives. Thank you all so very much. And, we must give a big shout out to the Relaunch Team for their efforts in making all of this happen, thank you!

God Bless you all!