The Generative Discernment Academy 2021


Generative Discernment Academy 2021

The Generative Discernment Academy will be held at the LIFE United Methodist Church in Fairmont, WV on Oct. 8-9, 2021. 

She has a big idea for a whole new worship experience but isn’t quite sure how to reassure the current congregation that this is a way they can reach the youth of the community.  He has been dreaming of new ways to help members move to disciple-makers. While across the conference another church is trying to figure out how to engage their online worshippers into the life of the church.

Perhaps God is nudging you and your team to do something new, or you’re feeling called to offer a new ministry in order to reach new people for Christ?

The Generative Discernment Academy will help people discern their gifts and potential for starting something new, explore various models of innovation, listen to the needs of their communities, and understand how their specific leadership styles can best be leveraged for creating new ministry opportunities.

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