Air Conditioner and Boiler Fund Raising Campaign Announced


As many of you are aware, one of our air conditioning units has failed and we are currently relying on one.  The one that is still working does not cool the sanctuary.  The trustees felt it a priority to get the air conditioning repaired as soon as possible. 

We received a few different quotes and the most cost-efficient one is with Grogg’s Home Services and will cost $19,622.00.  They are to begin work on August 2.  We have started a campaign to raise money to help cover this cost.

We are very appreciative of those that have already made contributions, thank you so much!

Also, on a precautionary note, our current boiler, which heats the church, is approximately 30 years old.  We have been told that this could start to fail at any time.  We feel it is also prudent to begin a campaign fund specifically for the boiler so that when it does fail the church will be financially prepared to handle that cost.  Any contribution directed towards the air conditioner or boiler will be in a separate account and used only for the purpose you designate.

Please consider donating to these causes.  Checks can be made out to St. Matthew United Methodist Church with either air conditioning or boiler in the memo line.  If donating cash, please use your offering envelope or a pew envelope and write air conditioning or boiler on the envelope.  Thank you in advance for all that you support!