Small Church Ministry Conference 2021 Announced


Hello Ministry Friends, We have all been through (and are still going through) a very unique and difficult season of ministry. We have heard from so many of you and we know that trying to have enough volunteers to share the load at your smaller church is very hard. Trust me, you are not alone! 

Not enough volunteers is the #1 struggle right now of small churches everywhere, followed by:

  • Volunteers not showing up
  • Volunteer burnout
  • Not having everyone on the same page
  • Lacking consistent leadership for the volunteers you have

What a lot of small churches don’t realize is that by making a few small changes you can make a HUGE difference in getting and keeping the volunteers you need and change the whole momentum of your church ministry!

We at The Creative LIttle Church want to help you in growing happy teams that get things done. Please, check out this FREE online Small Church Ministry Conference coming up on October 15-16. And, better yet, invite others in your church to join in-have a watch party!

There will be 24+ fabulous small church experts onboard to share actionable strategies to  Be a Great Volunteer, Find Volunteers, Develop Volunteers, Care for Volunteers, and Lead Volunteers! 

Some speakers you might recognize include:

  • Dr. Ti’esha Moore, Expert Educator & StrengthsFinder Coach
  • Chris Vitarelli, Pastor, Speaker, & Author of Small Church Big Deal
  • Brittany Nelson, Ministry Specialist & Owner of Deeper KidMin
  • Melissa MacDonald, Children’s Ministry Expert, Innovator, Camp Speaker, Author

… and a whole lot more!

Get your free ticket today so you can join us in our exclusive pre-conference facebook group for prizes, speaker appearances, and daily ministry tips leading up to the conference!

This is one event that you don’t want to miss! Click here to learn more!

We can’t wait to see what God will do!! Blessings, Becky Sargent Head of the Prayer Team The Creative Little Church