Rewarding Minitry Seeking Volunteers


In April 2022, St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Weston, WV marked its 7th year of serving the monthly Community Dinner. Thousands have been fed in our Fellowship Hall and more recently, due to the pandemic, on a drive-thru basis from our parking lot. Those involved have had the opportunity to meet local families and show them that St. Matthew is a loving, caring, and generous church. It is our hope that this fall we can move the dinner back into Fellowship Hall and serve our guests at our tables.

Organizers of the Community Dinner are grateful for the volunteers from our church who have helped make this possible. Whether you baked and donated dessert, made a monetary donation, or volunteered to cook and serve, your contribution is appreciated. Currently, a core group of organizers set the menu and shop monthly and several volunteers come to the church on dinner day to distribute the meals.

Now the organizers are looking for a person or persons who would like to alternate months of preparing and serving the dinners. Through generous contributions by our church members, the dinners are fully funded. A second team would lessen the work of a few; while giving more people of the church the opportunity to share in this rewarding ministry. Also, if an individual or individuals would be willing to put out and pick up the Community Dinner signs monthly, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would be willing to head up a second team to host the Community Dinner bi-monthly, please contact Michael and Lee Anne Mick, at 304-641-3181, or Greg and Allison St. Clair, at 304-269-6342.

If you feel a calling to help spread the goodness in God’s love, then this fun food ministry may be for you! Any consideration will be very much appreciated! Thank You!