Please Help Keep Our Staff Updated and Informed With More Lead Time


With fall and winter just around the corner, more and more things are happening. Our lives continue to get busier. While our church has access to more technology to help promote events, happenings and updates, it also takes much longer to effectively promote and communicate that information to the congregation and to the world. And, we ask that you please understand that this communication management is volunteer work.

With that in consideration, we ask that you please try to give us more lead time than you have in the past on informing us of any events, happenings or updates within our church, if at all possible. The longer the notice, the better chance it gives us for more opportunity to effectively and properly communicate and promote information to not only our congregation, but to the world in hopes of recruiting more followers of Christ.

On that note, it is also just as equally, if not more important, to keep us updated on something that is not happening. For example, if something gets cancelled, moved to another date or an event occurs in place of another, it is very important that we keep everyone updated as quickly and effectively as possible.

It is our upmost goal to keep the calendar on our website updated in real time, so that you can always refer to dates with accurate information. With that in mind, you can help us achieve that goal by giving us as much advance notice on everything happening as possible.

We appreciate your contributions, dedication and spiritual work in helping to spread the wonderful teachings of Jesus Christ. May God bless you all!