St. Matthew UMC Seeks Volunteers For Worship Service Team


Our church is seeking volunteers to help assist the Worship Service Team in conducting worship services. This volunteer work is all very fun and rewarding in helping to serve our Lord. For those younger volunteers entering the workforce, it is a wonderful opportunity to add something special to your resume, and most especially if you are going into business, broadcasting, marketing or media.

We currently only have two volunteers that help operate the cameras and switchboard each Sunday and it’s really been pretty miraculous that one of the two have been available every single Sunday for the past three years straight. We at St. Matthew UMC are seeking a minimum of four total helpers that can rotate spots in assisting with services to help be more secure in guaranteeing our online services continue to get published with that consistency.

In addition to helping operate the cameras and the switchboard, we are also seeking volunteers to help assist in managing our PowerPoint presentation during worship services.

Both of these volunteer positions are very similar and the service time you donate is so much fun and rewarding.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this wonderful ministry, please contact us for more information.