Sunday Morning Worship Service April 23, 2023 – Third Sunday of Easter
April 23, 2023

Sunday Morning Worship Service April 23, 2023 – Third Sunday of Easter

Passage: Acts 2:14, Acts 2:36-41, Psalm 116:1-4, Psalm 116:12-19, 1 Peter 1:17-23, Luke 24:13-35

Worship Series
A Living Hope

Sermon Title
Loosening the Bonds

Sermon Message

Today is a day for testimony.  We need to remind ourselves and one another that we have indeed been set free.  Maybe we can talk about what we’ve been set free from.  Maybe we talk about obstacles overcome.  But the simple fact of freedom is what we focus on today.  The more compelling part of the story ought to be what happens after you have been set free.

We also need to remember the author of all this giftedness, what Jesus has done for us.  Our celebration today is remembering what Jesus has done and who he is.  Peter walks through this for us and with us. Let there be a time of declaration of faith in Jesus.  What songs can we sing that lift up the Resurrected one?  What prayers can we pray that embrace this person and the work he has already done in us individually and collectively?  My hope is built on nothing less.  All hail the power of Jesus’ name.  What a testimony for this day!

We tell his story, and we tell our story.  That is what worship is today.  That is what we bring and what we offer today—because we have been set free.

Choir Team
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